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While each project is unique, our process is consistent.

We Listen

We commit to understanding you & your needs. During our discovery process, we uncover the unique culture of your organization & how your new workspace can enhance it.

We Share

Our experts will share ideas to transform your workspace. Our expertise includes space planning, product applications, finish selections and more.

We Execute

We deliver fantastic customer experiences. From initial design to final installation, our professionally trained team executes the plan smoothly and efficiently.


The Aeron

Making the Best Better for Earth

More than 25 years ago, Aeron transformed the way we think about chairs. But design can't stand still if the problems we're solving change. Today, with 86 million metric tons of plastic in the ocean-and that number increasing by 8 million each year-the problems have without a doubt changed.

The latest solution? Aeron: now made with ocean-bound plastic. By collecting, processing, and reengineering this waste into one of the most iconic products, Herman Miller aims to divert more than 150 metric tons of plastic from the ocean each year. Learn more:

21040_HM_Aeron OBP Campaign_Organic Social_Final V1

ReGeneration by Knoll

Put Simplicity to Work

Innovative in its simplicity, ReGeneration minimizes materials and components. The straightforward design leverages flexible, durable and sustainable materials that respond to your movements, providing comfort and support throughout the day.


From Office to Everywhere

The Future of Work

From better support for people working at home to dynamic workplace networks that offer people more variety and choice than ever before, see why we're excited about the future of the office.

Meet Canvas Office Landscape

Office Workstations for Everyone

Work is as diverse as the people who do it. As our largest, most flexible, and most adaptable office workstation platform, Canvas Office Landscape encourages a full range of activities while addressing what people are really looking for in a workplace—from private offices to open plans.

Reff Profiles

Pragmatic Planning for the Whole Office

Inspired by the functionalist vision of the modern masters, Reff Profiles delivers a progressive and architectural design solution for private offices, administrative areas and open plan environments.


Building on the Reff tradition of high-quality wood casegoods, Reff Profiles offers broadened aesthetic options and increased design flexibility, with components ranging from grounded work walls to freestanding desks and tables to support different applications, aesthetics and budgets. From the corner office in floor-to-ceiling walnut, to the fast-paced team space in glass and aluminum, Reff Profiles delivers.

Modern Accoustic Solutions


Modular wall system with limitless options. A beautiful way to create privacy and reduce office noise

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