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Workplace Environment

Belonging at Work Experienced as inclusion, affiliation, acceptance, and social validation, belonging is one of six fundamental human needs that motivate us at work. When a person’s need to be part of something bigger than themselves is fulfilled, they are more satisfied and perform better. This, in turn, helps organizations retain valuable employees and achieve…

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Autonomy at Work

Autonomy—the freedom and the opportunity to make self-determined choices—is one of six fundamental human needs that motivate us. Research shows that autonomy at work correlates with greater commitment, creativity, and job satisfaction for people, as well as improved attraction and retention rates and productivity levels for organizations. We help organizations realize these benefits by determining…

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Rockford Showroom

Trends change faster than gas prices sometimes. That is why we update our showrooms to keep track on what is trending and letting you see what some of our new manufacturer partners are coming up with. Our Rockford, IL location recently had a nice facelift that was all designed by our very own interior Designer…

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