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ATS Marketing Installation and Design

Designed to think outside the box.



Our most recent design and installation of the ATS Marketing Department in Peoria just wrapped up. This great space recently had an infusion of inspired-design from one of Widmer’s best designers, Betsy Ulrich. Her favorite thing about this project was that the client was very in-tune and engaged with the design process. Likewise, they really wanted their space to be unique and a ‘wow’ factor for both their employees and their clients.  She said, “it makes projects a lot of fun to work on when the client gets excited about the furniture and want designs that are ‘out of the box’.”


Canvas Workstations


The use of Canvas workstations by Herman Miller accompanied by Aeron chairs help set the pace for ingenuity and creativity. Also, the design features of the workstations include ‘Sit to Stand’.  As a result, this will keep the ATS Marketing team energized and focused.


For the ATS Marketing team collaboration, they chose Fringe seating from National Office Furniture, which utilizes comfort and function as sectional seating with attached bar & stools. The pops of blue with the warm wood make the room inviting.


Along with the Canvas stations in the marketing area, they chose 1 Canvas Private Office as well as 1 Waveworks Private Office from National. The third private office is now a collaborative room using Fringe and Delgato side chairs.


Most noteworthy, was just after the installation was complete. The marketing team timidly ventured over to their new area. They seemed excited to get to work, and playfully claimed their new desks. The installation of a TV wall and their new Cambridge Sound Masking system complete their tech needs. The system gives them a soft white noise masking the sound of others to keep employees focused on tasks.

It was a pleasure working with ATS to bring this vision to life and see the spark that fired up their whole team.  See more here in our portfolio.



  1. Anonymous on January 29, 2020 at 3:51 am

    Awesome post! Keep up the great work! 🙂

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