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Introducing Commend Nurses Stations

Commend Example

Commend Nurses Station

Put High-Performing Care Teams in Command

Modular nurses stations bring much-needed flexibility to modern caregiver environments, but they often need additional millwork panes to modernize their look. Millwork solutions, on the other hand, can be built to match any desired look, but they’re inflexible and difficult to update without cost and disruptions. Organizations need a solution that combines millwork appearances and prefab efficiencies to meet the demands of today’s care team environments.

So how can we give care teams what they need to excel? Herman Miller created Commend Nurses Station which focuses on human-centered design, robust power and data, and a refined, repeatable aesthetic.

Commend Stations with Aeron Chairs

Commend’s human-centered design supports the fast-paced, diverse work of care teams while enhancing awareness and providing clear lines of sight. Its modular form creates pathways and destinations. This provides clarity where families can approach for conversations and where caregivers have privacy for work. Scale Commend across the caregiver environment
to define activity zones, improving nurses’ ability to focus, collaborate with teammates, and connect with families.

Commend Stations with Verus Chairs

Unlike custom-built, permanent millwork, Commend’s prefabricated form is engineered and tested to ensure consistency and meet quality standards. This helps maintain aesthetic cohesion across facilities—even as you undergo any kind of future reconfigurations. Shorter lead times, paced scheduling, and speedy installations allow you to stay operable during renovations and open your doors faster on a new build. Modular and durable, Commend is a dependable, repeatable presence in an ever-changing healthcare landscape.

Commend Station with waiting area


Commend meets the high-capacity power and data demands of nurses stations. Running the full spectrum of tech that care teams use every day—from monitors and mobile devices to specialized equipment. This thoughtfully designed power and data integration makes Commend quick to install, simple to set up, and easy to change in the future.

Contact us to see what we can do for your healthcare spaces!

Commend Nurses Station


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