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Out with the old, in with the new!

It all comes down again! When you’re in the office furniture industry, you get the joy of starting afresh about every eight years.  Let’s bring on the new furniture, paint, carpet, lighting, and layout and make something new!

We started our remodeling the beginning of November 2014 and completed all the final details by the end of January 2015.  It’s been a fun journey and we’re excited to share it with you.  Take a walk through the renovation of our new Living Office!


Empty showroom 2014


Lou, Jason and Kelly role out the last of our showroom furniture, 2014. (Captured Nov. 5,2014)


Our sales, design and order analyst teams learned to live within close quarters for six weeks in our upstairs training room.

Digging out old carpet …..


Lots of smelly scarifying after the removal!

Painting new white walls …..


Bright and shiny!

And putting in our fun new carpet!



Next … the new furniture arrives and is assembled by our AWESOME installation team!














And … we have a FINAL product!  This is just a snippet of our new office, so make sure to stop in to our Peoria location anytime 8-5 Monday through Friday to see it for yourself.  If you would like to schedule a personal tour, please call us at 309-693-9300.

Welcome to our Living Office!!


We lowered all of our panel walls to create an open office environment, so we can now see from one end of our office to the other end. It’s pretty cool!


Our powered high-top table in our plaza for anyone to plug into and do some work at anytime.


A sampling of different seating in our plaza area, including a cluster of Herman Miller’s new Public Office Landscape system (featuring the social chair in red and gray and cafe tabletop).


A cove, or type of third space, for employees to jump into at any point throughout the day. (National Fringe line)


Our fun chair space, including Herman Miller Swoop Lounge chairs, a Herman Miller Spun Chair and a Kimball Fit Chair.


Another cove, or third space, in our library for impromptu or planned meetings.


We installed Herman Miller’s Locale system for our design staff.


A single Locale workstation.


We used Canvas Panel Based System with veneer and storage credenzas for our Order Analyst team.


To show variety and height-adjustability within different systems, we used Herman Miller’s 120 degree system called Resolve for one of our sales teams.


President’s private office setup with floor to ceiling glass walls and door.


CEO’s private office setup with floor to ceiling glass walls and door.


Our “Desk Haven”, another type of third space, where anyone can come throughout the day for some concentrated work, personal phone call, or just some quiet time.


One of our many new meeting spaces. This one has a floor to ceiling glass wall and sliding door to allow for maximum natural light and openness while providing a private setting. This room also has a full marker board wall, like most of our meeting spaces, for collaboration.

Thanks for taking a walk through our 2015 showroom remodel with us!  We really love our new Living Office and all of the benefits it adds to our work life.