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Surround Yourself With Things You Love

Nowadays, many people are often in their office more than their home.  Because of this trend, office spaces are transforming into more inviting and “homey” layouts that help stimulate inspiration, variety and enjoyment throughout the workday.


With the work environment becoming like a home environment to many, people are catching onto the idea of turning their work space into a place they love to be! Combining function, fun and personal form to meet every day work needs is becoming the accepted norm for both home and work offices.

Studio O & A created a great video on how to personalize your workspace.  Check it out!

How to Design an Office

It’s time to hop on board, and fashion your workspace to things that INSPIRE your work … and most importantly, things that you LOVE!!

Our accountant JoAnn shows us her workstation display of snowmen that stay up year round, and change with the seasons and holidays.  Just a little fun that makes her smile throughout her day!

 These guys stay up year round throughout the showroom to remind us to have some fun!

One of our sales reps, Christy, adorns her cabinet tops with personal favorites like flowers and CAT memorabilia.

Our scheduler, Debbie, has one of her life phrases sitting fashionably on her printer – “Put your big girl panties on and deal with it.”

A collection of loved items that keep Diane, one of our saleswomen, working vigorously througout the day.

One of Jeff’s most prized possessions – a fish given to him by his mother.  Jeff loves spending time with family, fishing and hunting together.  His mother has passed away, but this fish reminds him of her daily.

A Charlie Brown Christmas tree on Spycie’s Desk brings a little Christmas cheer to all

and  her “A Little Behind in my Schedule” figure always brings laughs