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What’s Your First Impression?

We all know first impressions are important when interviewing for a new job or meeting the parents for the first time.  First impressions are also important when it comes to your business. Being aware of the importance of the first impression is the first step to knowing how to act and prepare for your future clients. Your customer will likely judge your success based on your layout and office. Think about it, when you visit an office for the first time and you notice the room seems to be dark, the carpet looks stained or the floors have the same tile from your jr high school bathroom, and the furniture/equipment is worn and very outdated. Now picture walking into a well-lit room with an appealing floor that matches nicely with the walls and furniture. The furniture/equipment is not only modern and trendy looking but it also looks innovative and purposeful.

We have people visit our offices regularly and it is so great to hear them say, “wow, we love your space.” People notice your office layout, how your office looks can say a lot about your company. The question is, what do you want it to say? and is your furniture currently saying that?

See examples below of recent businesses we’ve partnered with to make sure their office is saying exactly what they want it to.