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Workspace Environment & Productivity


Just like most interior space changes, by having engaging workspaces for your employees can breathe new life and inspiration into their work. A new hairstyle can bring on more self confidence, so can an office makeover.


Karen's Executive Assistant Office before the makeover.

Have you ever looked at your desk full of work-related chaos and felt frustrated or overwhelmed? Imagine that feeling diluted throughout the whole office.

Work environments significantly affect employee productivity. Several studies, including one from Trendhunter, says that the average employee spends over 10 hours a day at work, with 72% of their workday at their desk.  That same study also had 50% of workers sampled say they would stay an extra hour at work each day if the environment was attractive.

17% average increase in productivity achieved through ergonomic improvements alone.  If you were to implement that with a more colorful office, productivity would increase even further.

Other factors to consider are temperature, lighting, and noise conditions. Nothing worse than hearing a co-worker’s phone conversation with their mom about a medical issue while you are trying to focus on closing a sale. You can talk to our design and sales team about any and all of these to help reinvigorate your team. We can help, it’s what we do.

Krista Yates; Marketing Coordinator for Widmer Interiors 2/26/19